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Press Release @OfficialPOCA via @jazzymgt

For Immediate Release:

Los Angeles, Ca – In a rap music world that is heavily focused on appearances, marketing and music that doesn’t always have substance, it’s hard for true artistry to shine. Today’s hip-hop climate seems to have strayed away from its original essence, which is something that female emcee POCA & Jazzy Management hopes to change. Armed with her pen, microphone and an unshakeable will to succeed, she’s ready to show everyone she’s up for the challenge.

The Southern California native has had to deal with adversity nearly all her life, on and off records. From serving jail time in the past to having to work to overcome the negative stereotypes that face women in hip-hop, she’s moved past countless roadblocks. Instead of letting it conquer her, she’s used it all as an inspiration to make the most of her musical skills, showcasing her ability on the mic and earning herself a name. Her debut mixtape “Spilled Milk” was born of those struggles, a perfect personification of the talent she brings to the table.

The mixtape is 15 songs of raw artistic ability covering topics that range from radio politics to life’s struggles and much more. The project received lots of positive feedback after a limited release and was re-released with Coast2Coast DJ Don Moroko. It features production from notables like Dae One, The H.E.R.O.E.S, Jansport J and others. It also includes appearances from Nate Dogg, Chevy Jones, B.F.L.Y, Pac 10, Ms. Jade and more. You can download and listen to the mixtape below.

POCA – “Spilled Milk” [Free Download]

Her rhymes and lyrical ability have earned her notoriety and acclaim in the Los Angeles hip-hop scene and beyond. With the release of “Spilled Milk” advancing her name and music to new circles, POCA is determined to make the most of her opportunities as she continues to work her way toward achieving the respect of fans and fellow emcees alike.

For more on POCA Please contact Shawndel "Jazzy" Rosa from Jazzy Management & you can visit Poca online at the following links:

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