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2nd II None – Press Release @jazzymgt

For Immediate Release: Jazzy Management

Compton, CA – With the California rap music scene on a steady rise, longtime West Coast veterans 2nd II None are ready to do their part as they prepare to release a brand new album.

The duo – made up of KK and Tha Gangsta D – have been making music since their days in elementary school and were a key part of the classic sound coming out of California in the 1990s. They were one of the first West Coast rap groups to be signed to an East Coast label and their hits were featured on several projects, including the “Above The Rim” soundtrack.

Although they’ve taken a few hiatuses over the years, they want all their fans to know their new album won’t disappoint. They’ve just released these two previews called“All The Way” and “Special” which you can listen to and download below. We need your support Dj's, Radio, Websites & Bloggers Thanks!

2nd II None – All The Way

2 II None – Special

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