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Meet Davince Capone

DaVince “One of the hottest producer/artists to emerge into the music world.” With a style that is eclectic from underground hip hop/rap to mainstream pop/rock DaVince brings his “Midas touch” to all styles and genres of music. His style is ahead of his time and his seemingly infinite musical talent is only equaled by his power of creation. His music is his art and when he creates, it becomes nothing less than a masterpiece. DaVince is an artist, producer, songwriter, engineer, and entrepreneur his self-started music production company (originally called Diamond Mind Music) is now Fast Life Records, has exploded onto the underground music scene. The music is an expression of everything he has lived and experienced first hand. Many of the young individuals that listen to his profound life experiences can relate, therefore building a strong connection between DaVince and his fans. He has also helped develop the gifts and talents of many artists he has worked with. The uniqueness of DaVince’s production is the way he captures the moods and the energies of the artist he’s working with, tailoring songs to each artist individually. DaVince is one of the next great hit makers of our generation. With the approach of a mad scientist in a lab, he creates musical arrangements like a modern day Dr. Frankenstein. Like an artist with a canvas or an architect with a blueprint he brings his musical visions to life, using ear catching melodies, groove filled drums and bass lines, and captivating sample arrangements that feed the soul, stimulate the mind, and keep the people moving whether they’re on their way to work in the morning or on the dance floor of the hottest club in the city. “My vision has always been to create great music that has a universal appeal. I feel like the possibilities are endless when it comes to music. Whatever I’m doing, whether it’s a banging bass heavy hip hop track or a laid back acoustic R&B track, I feel right at home. Music is inside all of us and it’s the connections between all of the people that love music that keeps me going strong.” DaVince. .. ..

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